What do your credentials mean?

MS: Master of Science

LSC: Licensed School Counselor

LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor

NCC: National Certified Counselor


Do you accept insurance?

Please contact me for the most up to date insurance information. If I do not accept your insurance, I can provide you with a SuperBill for you to submit yourself for reimbursement for your plan (It is important to be aware of specifics regarding your out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles/co-pays as these differ for individuals and individual plans).

I am currently paneled with: Aetna, United, Optum, Providence, Pacific Source Commercial, Pacific Source Community Solutions (OHP), and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 


Are there benefits to cash pay (not billing insurance)?

Yes! There are a number of benefits to cash pay, even if you have insurance:​

  • You have more freedom in choosing a counselor that is a good fit for you (no "in-network" worries)
  • You can receive counseling services for needs that aren't "billable" to insurance, such as relationship concerns, communication needs, or a variety of other personal issues
  • I will not be required to assign a mental health diagnosis that is a part of your medical record
  • The total number of sessions and session frequency will not be dictated by your insurance company
  • You will have more flexibility in creating your goals for counseling


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions cancelled with less than 24-hour notice may be charged up to the full session rate, depending on the nature of the circumstances. You can phone me, text me, or email me about cancellation and rescheduling.


What will counseling be like with you?

My counseling techniques and interventions vary, based on the best fit for each person’s needs. I keep a primary focus on the quality of the relationship between counselor and client. Not only does this align with my beliefs about the power of relationships, studies show it is this factor over any other theory or technique that predicts "success" in counseling. Generally speaking, I use an eclectic and holistic approach that aims to balance and/or strengthen the connection between the head (thinking and beliefs/values), the heart (feeling), the gut (the body), and, if the client so chooses, the soul (spirituality). I lean on the influence of our thoughts and our ability to choose, the need for connection and meaning in our lives, the power of hope, and a focus on strengths. I hold all of this with the recognition that outside factors beyond our control affect our circumstances.

I aim to be first and foremost client-centered, influenced by cognitive and humanistic methodologies. I believe that people are the experts on their own lives and are capable of growing, developing, and realizing their own potential. I often incorporate themes and tools from EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, DBT Skills, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Gottman Method, Mindfulness, and other therapeutic methods.


I don't know if I want to do counseling via video (telehealth).

I do still offer services via telehealth. This remains an option for any clients who are unable to meet in person, or prefer the convenience of meeting via teletherapy. If you have questions or concerns about what this will look like, contact me.


Can you tell me anything more about yourself as a person?

I have lived in Oregon almost my whole life, barring some time abroad, and prefer to be out floating on the river on my paddle board. Some of my interests include yoga, gardening, health and wellness, reading, hanging out with my dog, and spending time with my two daughters.


Are you available for emergencies or unexpected crisis?

I am not available for 24-hour emergency crisis intervention. If you or your child experiences a mental health emergency, please do one of the following

  • Call 911 or 988
  • Contact your primary care physician
  • Go to the nearest hospital emergency room
  • Call the Deschutes County Mental Health Crisis Line at 541-322-7500 ext. 9 or visit the Stabilization Center at 63311 NE Jamison St., Bend, OR 97701 
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK (8255) or 988
  • Text HOME to 741741 to the Crisis Text Line

If you are an existing client, you can contact me once you are safe. This can be to check-in, update me on your situation, and potentially move your upcoming appointment to an earlier date.